Selected modular atmospheres vol. 1

by Aragorn23

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1 July 2019 10:27
1 May 2019 10:08
19 May 2019 11:13
17 July 2019 10:09


Sometimes, when I'm exploring the infinite musical space of my modular system, the sounds come together in a way that feels as though I've stumbled across a mysteriously organic, self-generating sonic environment. In these fortuitous moments, I step away from the knobs and lights and patch cables and let the soundscape subtly fill the next few hours, allowing myself to drift off and occasionally pressing record before I do so.

It's hard to find the right term for what I've documented through this process. I feel more like an explorer than a musician and if there is a composer at all, it's the chance combination of analogue and digital circuitry in chaotic electrical interplay with itself. I've decided, perhaps in a nod to Brian Eno, to call these recordings 'atmospheres'; I think of them as half-dreamed journeys through alien ecologies and I intend for them to be listened to softly and indirectly so that they offer a discreet background of difference and repetition to your day. If you wish to lie back and travel through them instead, that's also fine.

Each atmosphere is dated, marking my initial oneiric journey into a new sonic jungle of autopoietic possibility. These pieces - excerpts of sometimes much longer recordings - feel strangely, deeply private, but I'm happy to share them with you in the hopes that they are of use in your own journeys, of whatever kind.


released September 25, 2019

All atmospheres created by Aragorn23 in collaboration with a modular synthesiser containing plenty of chaos and hyperchaos, mostly of the mathematical kind.

This album is dedicated to Demian, in memory of all the long ambient trips we enjoyed together.




Asqus South Africa

Aragorn23 / Asqus is an experimental musician based in South Africa. His current work focuses on algorithmic and gestural composition as well as modular synthesis.

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